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Globe G Cash GCASHReload 10,000.00
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Dental Forcep Molar Upper Left & Right Set of 2 No 17 & 18
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Lexmark printer model interpret S405
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Bulk US made Colour Prevails Nail Polish
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Dental Oral Image Black Background Palatal / Photographic Contraster S/L Select
$1827.06 PHP
Periodontal Gracey Curettes Universal Columbia Hygienists Dentist Scalers 5Pcs
$1698.81 PHP
10Set Dental Examination Kit Basic Hygiene Tweezer Mirror Explorer Cleaning Tool
$1770.11 PHP
 Dentist Dental Explorer Hook Type Set of 5 Sickle Probe Tooth Decay Enamel Lab
Buy: $1435.13 PHP
Dental Hobby Explorers For Student Qty-10 ADDLER LIFE TIME ANTI RUSTING WARRANTY
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 8 Chakra & Soul Purpose Weighted Healing Tuning Forks w Activator & Pouch
$6460.26 PHP
100/500/1000g Mn 99.99% Electrolytic Manganese Sheet High Purity Block Powder
$2143.85 PHP
2.5X Black Sport Frame Binocular Dental Loupes With Filp-up Yellow Filter Light
$13877.59 PHP
bosch hammer drill gsb-18-2-li
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New Rubber Dam Starter Kit of 18 Pcs with Frame Punch Clamps Dental Instruments
$3041.11 PHP
AZDENT Endodontic Obturation Gutta Percha Points F1 F2 F3 Universal
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Orthodontic Banding Tray Set-up Pusher Seater Band Seating Bracket Gauge Tweezer
$2852.08 PHP
Most Trusted Honeywell YJ4600 with USB Interface
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Double 3in1 Focused Vacuum 40K Cavitation RF Radio Frequency Slimming Machine
$24405.42 PHP
Quartz Protective Lens Windows 1064nm 37*7mm for Fiber Laser Machine 5pcs
$2409.44 PHP
Hydraulic Crimping Plier Set Complete
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Dental Filling Composite Resin Contouring Restorative Instruments Blue Tips X5
$1653.35 PHP
Most Trusted Honeywell YJ4600 with USB Interface, black
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MEDENTRA® Dental Needle Holder Hemostatic Artery Suture Forceps Surgical Labor
$1052.3 PHP
Thumb Forceps DeBakey Atraumatic Tweezers Vascular Tissue Dissection Pliers Sets
$1463.85 PHP
Dental Gum Pocket Depth Examination Probe Periodontal Probes Sonde Sonda
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BRAND NEW Hilti TE 7-A CPC Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill (PROFESSIONAL SERIES)
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400X Blood Microscope Digital Microscope 5MP Pixel  +LCD Display + Aluminum Case
$13351.2 PHP
5in1 40K Cavitation Ultrasonic Weigh Loss Vacuum RF Anti Cellulite Machine Spa
$15696.03 PHP
AZDENT Dental Endo NiTi Rotary Super Files Engine Use Machine Taper 25mm 6pc/Pks
$7464.71 PHP
Bone Scrapers Harvester Curved Dental Implant Angulated Graft Scraper+10 Blades
$4093.89 PHP
ROLLERBALL Sheaffer Sagaris Gloss Black Barrel Chrome Cap Gold Tone Trim
Buy: $3153.37 PHP
Tooth Forceps Fig 7 Upper Pre-Molars Extracting Tooth Surgical Pinzas MEDENTRA®
$945.11 PHP
ROLLERBALL Sheaffer Sagaris Gloss Black/Gold Smooth Trim Pen in a Gift Box
Buy: $3153.37 PHP
16Pcs Dental Composite Filling Instruments Surgical Tweezers Aspirating Syringe
$11020.24 PHP
Dental Orthodontic Crimpable Hooks 10pcs/pack Short/Long/Stop/Left/Right/Cross
Buy: $267.02 PHP
Estilo MANI 150 Tipos Taladros para Fresas De Diamante para Alta V 5pzas/paquete
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Dental Rotary Heat Activated NiTi Files 25mm Endo Root Canal Engine Use 6 size
$525.91 PHP
Dental Mini Quick Built Aesthetics Lingual Orthodontic Accessory Injection Mould
$478.06 PHP
1 Kit 3 Pcs/Bag Dental Tool Mouth Mirror Probe Tweezer Teeth Clean Hygiene Set
$143.08 PHP
Globe G Cash GCASHReload 50,000.00
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10 Kits Dental Disposable Basic Surgery Hygiene KIT Mirror & Explorer Probe
$382.35 PHP